Thursday, May 3, 2007

Generation Tech Follow Up.....

Thank you to the 185+ library enthusiasts who came down, up and across to the Nixon Library and Birthplace for Santiago Library System's Generation Tech. Your participation helped to make the event a wonderful experience for all who attended. An especially big thanks to our presenters:

Michael Porter, WebJunction
Dell Jacoby, BridgeWorks - (handout)
Joe Firmage, ManyOne & Digital Universe - (handout)
Anne Marie Luthro, Envirosell

For inspiring us to look at our libraries, the services we provide, the resources we utilized and the people that we work for and with a fresh, enlightened and reinvigorated perspective.

Another special thank you to Ellen Fusco (Anaheim Public Library), Jon Legree (Yorba Linda Public Library), all of our bloggers, helpers, and the incredibly accommodating staff of the Nixon Library and Birthplace for helping the day run smoothly and seamlessly.

Please be sure to take the time to fill out our survey, the link to which you should have received sometime yesterday. Your feedback helps us to determine when we are exceeding expectation, when we are meeting your needs and where we need to make improvements or retool our process.

Be sure to "stay tuned in" to our blog for additional posts from our UCLA Bloggers, follow-up information and answers to the questions we didn't have time to cover during the panel discussion.