Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anne Marie Luthro of Envirosell Answers Your Questions

Our Thanks to Anne Marie Luthro of Envirosell for taking the time to answer questions that we did not have time to cover during our panel discussion on May 2, 2007.

Have you ever helped redesign (assess) a historically significant site, with limitations on it restructuring? Any recommendations?

Envirosell has studied several Flagship stores set in real estate with unique building structures and challenges. Our work always focuses on how to work WITH these challenges (since changing them is usually out of the question). For example, one building whose elevator was in an out-of-the-way place and thereby the shoppers used the staircase as their primary pathway between floors, placed art exhibitions within the stairwell and lit it appropriately. The exhibits changed frequently so shoppers were “trained” to think of this as a cool space. Doing this created a pleasant distraction for shoppers and they looked forward to climbing the stairs.

If there exists a long outdoor pathway before the library entrance, ca it be included in the “decompression zone?

A long pathway is a wonderful thing because this is actually a PRE-decompression zone and a great place to start setting atmospheric touches (sound, color, smell, etc). You can also start branding yourself in this space. For example, if all of the kids’ signs (in the kids’ section) are ladybug shapes, then some ladybugs along the path would be fun, if the military history section is army green, some army green toy soldiers….

Once the patron is inside the building, she/he will always need to decompress (was it hot out? Raining? Noisy traffic?). Therefore, you’ll still need to respect the Decompression Zone.

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